Para Ordnance TTR Rifle

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The Tactical Target Rifle (TTR) is an AR-15 style weapon
manufactured by Para Ordnance (Para Ord).
It is a Z-M Weapons based design.

Aka: TTR, Tactical Target Rifle, TTR-XA, TTN-XAS, ZM LR300,
AXL, LR-300 NXL,

Para Ord TTL product page

Z-M Weapons product page


ParaOrd TTL overview
– pt 1 of 2 (

Z-M LR-300 overview (

Z-M LR-300 overview (


Todd Jarrett Demo
– full weapon demo (note: Todd is sponsored by Para Ord)

Close up feature shots – none shooting demo video

Close up shots of Upper – music background only, but HQ video

Disassembly / Assembly – user walking through disassembly steps


TTL, reviewed in Guns & Ammo magazine

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